I have been a client of Lakeview Physical Therapy for several years  for both physical therapy and the Friday morning senior exercise class.  FANTASTIC. Velma Wheeler is an outstanding PT.  She is knowledgeable, caring and dedicated.  I highly recommend any services she and her staff offer.

I have enjoyedyour weekly senior wellness classes and look forward to them weekly. Even tho the HempsteadAvenue facility is closed having the classes weekly at the Lakeview Library has been perfect and I personally appreciate the library sharing their facility with our class. And, having Brandy assist Velma has been an added pleasure. June 2017

- L. Phillips

I have seen many physical therapists over the years, but I have never experienced anyone as outstanding as Velma Wheeler.  Quite simply, she is the best.  From her inexhaustible knowledge of human anatomy, her ability to explain bio-mechanically what is going so that anyone can understand, to her great care and compassion for her clients, Velma is without equal.  She is gentle. She is kind. She is careful and she cares.  And she is not afraid to work them hard if they so desire. But what is most wonderful about Velma is not just her knowledge or patience, or the fact that she dedicates the entire session to one-on-one care for her clients, or even the way that she integrates her expertise in Pilates with her knowledge of physical therapy.  It is rather the atmosphere of healing and wellness that pervades her entire practice. As Velma well knows, healing from surgery or injury is not merely a physical process of exercise, but of growing awareness of the internal processes of the body and integrating this with an increased understanding of the whole person. To my mind, there is no greater physical therapist. She is a rare gem and we are lucky to have her!

- M. Dempsey

As a three year octogenarian member of her senior wellness program I can testify to the benefits/education I have received while attendingthe doctor's classes.  The exercises have assisted me  in improving my balance and all-around safety. 
The Doctor provides an in-depth explanation of the functions of the various muscles we use during the exercise sessions.  Her friendlinessand warmth only add to the value of her classes.

- L. Doyle

I was dx with MS in 2006 and in 2012 the disease has weakened my muscles pretty bad. I've been going to Lakeview Physical Therapy since 2012 and I must admit I see and feel an   improvement and strength in my muscles. I strongly recommend anyone looking for a loving, kind and patient PT, Velma Wheeler. She cares about you as an individual and focuses on what exercises the body needs.

- C. Mitchell

Like many seniors inour society my challenge is to keep as active as I can. This would not be possible for me if it were not for the weekly physical activity I do with Velma’s classes. Its not that they are 45 minutes of physical activity, but that they are physical routines aimed at living a healthy life as we grow older. We stretch, we bend, we reach and step to improve our motion and agility in daily living. This is a great program, well lead and effective. I would not want to do without it. Thank you Velma.

- D. Schult